We are both born and raised in Middelburg, so we are entangled with the city. We would like to show you the most interesting sights of Middelburg and share with you our favourite spots to give you a little insight into our life.

Middelburg is located in the South-West of the Netherlands, near Belgium. It is the capital of the Province Zeeland (the old Zealand as you can say) and has about 50.000 residents. Middelburg is a perfect city for a small city trip because it is a beautiful historical city. Wander through the historic streets and view the beautiful old mansions or enjoy a drink at the central market square. Your city trip can easily be combined with a beach holiday. In only a 15 min drive, you can choose one of the many white sand beaches to enjoy.

It is the perfect middle big city to enjoy walking around. All interesting sight signs are on walking distance. You will find many small creative shops and lunchrooms to sit back en enjoy the surrounding and of course a variety of restaurants to choose from. In the summer Middelburg is a vibrant city with many festivals and music conference. We even have our own city Brewery. We hope to inspire you to visit our beautiful city.

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