Athens is the city of the Acropolis, history, and culture. The Capital of Greece has many interesting archaeological sites to offer were you can dive into history and beautiful museums that you can visit. The one of the oldest district in Athens, Plaka, is now a lively neighbourhood where you can sit down for a drink and a bite to eat. It is also the neighboorhood where the rooftop bars are. In the middle of these streets lies Anafiotika, small white streets that give you the idea to be on a small Greek island.

Athens has much more to offer if you look a little further than the normal touristic paths. We visited the city for four days, but we only managed to scratch the surface. Nevertheless, we would like to take you on our trip to Athens.

Here is our shortlist for your city trip to Athens:

Things to do in Athene

Top 10 must see in Athens

A view from Lycabettus Hill over the city of Athens

Athens, Anafiotika

more to come

Things to see

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