Travelling south from our own beautiful Netherlands we come across the Burgundian country of Belgium. Famous for the Belgium chocolate, waffles, beers and the delicious fries. A Walhalla for food lovers. Well known in the world for the Capital of Europe Brussel. This wonderful country is so much more than that.

Sunset at the Scheldt

Belgium is located in the centre of Europe between France, Germany and The Netherlands. You will find beautiful beaches and boulevards to chill out and watch the people parade by in the South. In the North, the landscape changes and becomes greener and hilly. ‘Ardenne’ is the best place for an active holiday full of nature and excitement. Belgium also has many beautiful cities to discover during a city trip. It is full of history and the place to be to enjoy the Burgundian lifestyle.

The two main spoken languages are Dutch and French, but English is also well-spoken. It originates as a country around the roman period as Belgica. It only became independent from The Netherlands in 1830. The west part of Belgium, ‘Vlaanderen’, is the Dutch-speaking part. You will find cities such as Brugge, Ghent and Antwerp here. The French part ‘Walonnie’ is located near the French border. The biggest cities are Liege and Charleroi and it is especially known for the ‘Ardenne’. The last district is the Brussel area. The Atomium, which is a symbol for the European Union, is one of the main tourist attractions of the city.

Belgium – Beer – Bruges – Text

Belgium is worldwide famous for the Special Belgian craft beers. There are more than 200 small or bigger active breweries and (too) many different beers to choose from. Whether you like an authentic Trappist, a sweet and sour Kriekenbeer or a tasty and refreshing Ale; Belgium got you covered. Be sure to try more than one beer when you are staying in Belgium.

It is not hard to look for a chocolate shop when visiting Belgium as you will find plenty of them in the cities. The chocolate is often hand made and filled with the most delicious fillings. Our personal favourite are the chocolates of Dominique Persoone. He is an artist in inventing flavours combinations such as perfumed ganache with Havana cigar leaves or the Cabernet Sauvignon chocolate.

Another must-try are the fresh-baked waffles. Topped with strawberries and chocolate sauce the perfect breakfast, lunch or even midnight snack. The national pride are Belgium fries. Perfect double-backed fries for the perfect crunch made out of the best potatoes. Mostly served with a sauce of Belgium stew. A low budget and very tasteful meal.

Cartoons are also a national product like the flamish pride Jommeke, Tintin and Spike and Suzy. These drawings and of many of the local artist can be found on public buildings or walls in several cities. It is a fun way to explore the city and look for the next cartoon art on a building or brick wall. 

Belgium – Antwerp – Cartoon art

We visit Belgium pretty often as we love the hospitality of the people and their delicious food. Antwerp is our favourite city to visit, but Genth is a good second option. Both cities that are not too big but vibrant and there is always something going on. 

Wethether it is your first time in Belgium and you are looking for a guideline, or are you looking for the best hotspots and cities to visit? Check out our blogs to find your inspiration and local must see’s.

we hope you will enjoy your this pretty and friendly little county as you will experience by yourself.

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