Who are we?

Hey there, let us introduce ourselves. We are Carlo and Angelique; A happy couple for over 16 years now. The Netherlands is our home. Near the beautiful coast in the lovely city Middelburg.

Our goal for this blog is to get you as excited as we are about our continent and show you a different view of Europe. We aim to let you experience a different part of Europe as most tourists probably know it. While doing so, we try to explore Europe as honest and genuine travelers. Including caring for the environment.

Athens, Anafiotika

Travelling in Europe can be overwhelming because there are so many thing to see and do. As honest and genuine travelers we point out the less convenient places. We love good and local food and try to find the special places that locals visit. We know how to pick out the hotspots and always will look for new and exciting concepts.

Music is one of our combined passions and we are both crazy about history and architecture. It gives us some perspective where we stand right now in the universe. We both enjoy photography and will show you our view of Europe through our lenses (mobile and camera). 

As we are also tourists, we combine the must-see places with special local spots. With our blog, we hope to take you with us on our journey and give you lots of tips for inspiration and to prepare your own trip. We are not the common pretty picture tourist, but we try to make a difference.

Hopefully, you will like our approach and it will inspire you to go off track and explore Europe as a sincere traveler.

If you have any tips yourself, let us know! Do you already follow us on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter page?

For collaborations or features, just send us an message.

Lots of love from Angelique and Carlo

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