Road Trip in Europe

The Sincere Travelers are back again 😁!! After a long break, we decided that it was time for a trip. Even though Covid still makes it a little hard to travel. We needed the time off and just leave our home town for some new explorations and adventures. After all, that is what we love to do!

We just returned from a new road trip by car in Europe, starting from our home in The Netherlands, driving to Zurich, Slovenia, Croatia, and finally returning home with the last stop in Austria. We visited some fantastic cities and villages. Swim at Bled lake and at the Adriatic coast. And of course, we looked for the best places to eat. Stay tuned these upcoming weeks to read about our trip and see some phenomenal views from our summer trip. So stay tuned and follow our blog to be notified of our new blogs.  

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Footnote: We made sure to follow the local Covid rules in every country we travelled to and did our best to avoid overly crowded places. Travel safe and protect each other

Lots of love, Angelique and Carlo

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