Why autumn and winter are the best seasons to travel to Europe

Why are the autumn and winter season the best period to travel to Europe? Don’t you have to worry about the weather? And how do I find the local hot spots? We will guide you in the right direction.

Autumn and wintertime in Europe is the perfect time to plan your trip to Europe. Not the most common time to plan a trip you might think. Many people think it’s cold, rainy and cloudy all day long. And you know what, most days it is! So why is it a great period to travel to Europe? Because Autumn in Europe makes it so much more beautiful. Nature colours the rural landscapes and parks in vibrant colours. Parks are full of berries and mushrooms while chestnuts are falling from the trees. In the winter, snow will be sometimes falling from the sky and gives the streets a unique look. It makes the cities even more spectacular and interesting to explore these days.

What to expect?

First of all the beautiful colours are a sight to behold. Red, yellow and brown leaves falling into the streets. The landscape is definitely worth it. October and November are the best months to travel to Europe if you want to see the autumn colours in its full glory. The winter is not that harsh in most European countries. Days with sunshine alternated with days with wind and rain. If you are really lucky you will even experience some snow, but you can never be sure about the weather. This is what makes it so special.

Beautiful autumn colours

There are some differences, depending on the country you are intending to go to. In the South of Europe, the temperatures are still pretty nice (around 15 degrees). Countries like Spain, Portugal and Greece are perfect to enjoy the sun and still see the beautiful Autumn colours. In the middle of Europe, like our little country , the Netherlands, the temperature will be below 10 degrees and sun and rain will alternate. In the Nothern and eastern countries, such as Scandinavia and the Balkan countries, you will have low temperatures and probably snow.

Middelburg in the snow

We have to admit that the weather is changing to what it used to be and the standard weather in the past is now a big question mark for the future. Currently there is snow in Greece and Spain and in the Netherlands we have rain, wind and 15 degrees. So be prepared for all kinds of different weather.

What to wear?

As the temperatures can get cold your suitcase needs a little more packing than when you would go for a summer holiday. A sweater is a must these days and a winter hat or beanie is also a great idea. An umbrella or casual raincoat is your best friend to take with you on a city trip. Our travel hack: Wear thermal clothing as a second skin. Perfect clothing for a comfortable city trip as the days will shorten and the evenings will get pretty cold.

Less crowd

A perfect example of why you should travel to Europe in the autumn and wintertime is because it is less crowded. Fewer tourists mean that you will be able to take pictures without having a crowded background. The lines for the touristic attractions will be shorter than in the busy summer months so you don’t have to wait in lines for popular attractions. It will still be crowded enough for a cosy drink in a bar.

It is cheaper

Your accommodation will be a lot cheaper in the fall and winter months. Especially in well-known places, the price will go up in the summer months for nearly everything. So if you are on a budget, autumn or winter is your time to visit Europe.

Winter festivals and Christmas fairs

Talking about local hotspots, Europe is full of them. At the end of the year, In December, Winter festivals will start and Christmas fairs lighten up the cities.

Check out our previous blogs about the best Christmas fairs and Middelburg Winterfestival for some inspiration.

So pack up your scarf and sweaters, put on that winter hat and enjoy the cold weather in Europe. It is the best way to experience the warmth of the locals.

Lots of love, Angelique and Carlo

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2 thoughts on “Why autumn and winter are the best seasons to travel to Europe

  1. We love exploring Ireland and Europe during the autumn and I believe it’s the best time ever to go on a holiday. Smaller crowds, no ques and affordable prices are just a few reasons why we prefer autumn to summer. Sorry about the first message, pressed send by mistake ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ thanks for sharing and have a good day ๐Ÿ˜€ Aiva


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