Planning ahead – Brussels Chrismas fair

Last week we travelled to the final week of the Christmas fair in Brussel. An interesting view of this city with lots of entertaining and art. This blog is to give you a chance to plan ahead for this years Christmas fair because Brussels is the place to go to. Also for 2020.

Brussel is located in Belgium and is the capital of Belgium and Europe. It is partly French, partly dutch but in our experience, the most common speaking language is French and English. It is an international city full of different cultures and people from all over the world.

We started at the Kunstberg near Plein Publiek (a great place to visit for live music and DJ’s). They set up a big square filled with light balls strangling down like a big door curtain. The small light balls lighten up at the beat of the music. It gives a feeling of being in a small fantasy world. A really interesting experience. The best part was when the music set would finish and all people collective shout out ‘ahhhhh’, like oh no it’s over now. Our first highlight of the day.

The Brussel Christmas fair consists of several squares with traditional shops in wooden blocks to get your last-minute Christmas shopping or some delicious food. The great thing about the Christmas fair in Brussel is that there are many different kinds of international food that can be eaten around the city. Portuguese, Greek, Indian you name it. And of course the traditional Belgium food such as waffles and Belgium fries.

There are several fun things to do at the Christmas fair such as a virtual ride in a monster, a ride in the Ferris wheel and funny winter objects all around the city. The big tree at the central square surrounded by the beautiful buildings is another highlight of the Christmas fair. At night, the tree is beautiful lit. Just around the corner, you will find the statue of ‘Manneke Pis’, a little boy peeing into a fountain (no this is not a joke). On of the touristic highlights of the city.

Our last highlight was the video projection at the church. Combined with music (an impressive drum and bass sound) to guide the story that is projected on the front of the Church.

The Brussels Christmas fair is definitely one to come back to next year. Be sure to visit the centre of Brussel this year to experience the Winter Wonderland for yourself. Starting from 27 November 2020 until the first week of 2021.

We ended our night at our all-time favourite restaurant in Brussel (and Greece) Ergon. A small restaurant only 15 min walk outside the city centre. It serves the best and honest Greek food you can find. We have been to many if the Ergon restaurants all over Greece and we are never have been disappointed. Some plates of the delicious food, a glass of real tasty white wine from Peloponnese and good company. What more does a person want?

Lots of love from Angelique and Carlo

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