Lycabettus Hill

You will only fully realize how big Athens is when you can overlook the city from above. The best way to do this is to climb Lycabettus Hill for a stunning view over the city.

Lycabettus hill lies in the middle of the city as a green landmark. With a height of 277 meters above sea level, it is the highest point of Athens and a great lookout over the city. The urban forest that covers the hill is a fabulous getaway from the crowded city for tourist and locals.

In ancient times the view from the hill helped to protect the citizens from a possible surprise assault. During the 19th century, the hill became to get a more urban character and it is still developing in this way. Athens is currently giving the landmark a makeover by improving the facilities and protecting the historical and natural features.

A climb up the hill can be challenging in hot summer times and as an alternative, you can take the cliff railway. Unfortunately, there is no view over the city as the train moves into a closed tunnel.

At the top of Lycabettus hills, stands the whitewashed church of Agios Georgios which can be entered for free. You will also find a cafe and a restaurant to dine in style with a spectacular view.

The best time to visit Lycabettus is at sunset when the city is beautifully lit by the sunset. The view over the Acropolis and other landmarks of the city makes it a unique place to end your day.

Put on some comfortable shoes and head for the top at the end of the day. You will not be disappointed by the panoramic view and you will get some good exercise too.

A view from Lycabettus

Lots of love, Angelique and Carlo

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