Middelburg Festivals

The summer has started and so has the festival season. There is a large variety of festivals to attend to these upcoming months all over The Netherlands. From the big music festivals to local town festivals. The Netherlands is a perfect destination to travel to in the summer if you like to relax and enjoy the summer vibe together with some music and delicious food.

In the Zeeland province, where we live,there are also a large number of festivals to choose from. They increase more and more every year. Music or Dance, Food truck or vintage festivals you name it, there will probably be a festival about it. We would like to show you the more undiscovered festivals to experience the local vibe. This week we are getting ready for the Middelburg city festival (‘Stadfeesten’ in Dutch). A free festival during the Whit-sun weekend in the historic centre of Middelburg.

Stadsfeesten Middelburg

Date: 7,8,9,10 June / Location: city centre

This three days weekend, the city transforms into one big festival location. All kinds of activities taking place in the city such as music, fairs, street food and art presentations. There is so much going on, it is difficult to choose only one activity from the many options there are. This free festival created by the people of Middelburg is a unique mix of music, art, food and good vibes. Here is a small selection of the activities in the city this evening and tomorrow:

  • Thai market: Thai food, dance and even a Thai massage at Plein 40.
  • Pasar Malam: Indonesian food and products at the Walplein.
  • Ibiza lounge at the Kloveniersdoelen.
  • Live music at the Markt.
  • Speeddate at the Vleeshallen (Markt).
  • Dutch Fries and Beer at the Reigerstraat.
  • and much more…..

Check out the website for more detailed information.

City of Dance Festival

Date: 19,20,21 July / Location: Veerseweg

The City of Dance festival originated 20 years ago as a small festival but is now the longest-running festival in Zeeland. It started as a street parade, like the one in Berlin,with trucks driving around through the centre of the city. Now, this festival is a three days crossover dance festival with lots of creativity, music, art and food. From urban, hip-hop and EDM to techno and hardstyle, you won’t get bored visiting the City of Dance. The festival starts on 19 July with a free entrance day, especially for families. Saturday and Sunday you will be needing tickets to enter the festival grounds and be over 18 years old. Get out your best dance outfit and shoes and dance the night away.

City of dance

Check out the website for more detailed information.


Date: 25,26,27 July / Location: Vlasmarkt

The most famous festival in Middelburg is the festival that is all about eating mussels, Zeeuwse mussels to be exact. Three days of food, music, local entertainment and of course lots of cooked mussels. A festival for the locals where everybody is welcome to join. Every restaurant in this street serves a special recipe. Sit down at one of the long tables to enjoy the food and probably get to know the persons next to you a little bit better.

Check out the website for more detailed information.

Culikaravaan Foodtruck Festival

Date: 7,8,9,10 August / Location: Seismolen

We love to visit a food truck festival and especially this one. The location at the Seismolen is perfect, a beautiful location in the park, decorated with lights and in the background an old windmill. An excellent festival to feed your inner foodie.

Check out the website for more detailed information.

Nazomer festival

Date: 27 august until 7 September / Location: Abbey

The ‘Nazomer’ festival is a theatre and music festival at the end of the summer at different locations all over the beautiful province of Zeeland. It is famous for the unique theatre locations, for example, at an old fortress. The abbey in Middelburg is the main location for music. A unique place and wonderful acoustics to check out some Dutch pop artists.

Check out the website for more detailed information.

These are only a few of all the festival and events going on Middelburg this summer. Make sure to check out our social feeds to get a glimpse of the festival. We will try to show you as much as we can. Let us know what you think of it and hopefully, we can greet you in Middelburg this summer.

Lots of love from Angelique and Carlo

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