Maastricht is a city full of restaurants, bars and lunch cafes as you would expect in this Burgundian city. We will give you our own selection of hotspots in Maastricht. We will take a look for local, honest hot spots where they work with (mainly) biological ingredients, but more importantly, food made with love.

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Best coffee places

Pluk cats café is a small cat cafe on the ‘Grote Gracht’ behind ‘Vrijthof’. As you enter the bar your coffee is ready to order. They only serve vegan products which fit the concept of pet-friendly very well. In the back of the cafe, the five adopted cats are just doing their usual business, like cats do. Watching the people from one of their cat wall hangouts or ask you for a cuttles. The indoor terrace is very pleasant to sit back and watch the cats. Since we have two cats of our own at home (which we always miss when travelling) this was a perfect spot to get some kitty love and enjoy a banana cake with a cappuccino made with coconut milk. A very relaxed hangout if you are a cat lover.

Coffee lovers in the Dominican church is a must see when visiting Maastricht. This old eleven century church is now a gigantic bookstore with an espresso bar at the end of the church at the altar. The cheesecake is famous all over Maastricht, but the Muffins are also a treat. It can be very crowded at the coffee bar, but a good solution would be to take your coffee to go and wander around in this beautiful bookstore.

Alley Cat; Bikes & Coffee is a hip coffee place near the Market. They combine a unique bike store with a cool place to relax and enjoy your coffee. The coffees are made of a special brew method. The local dog, Jack, wanders around the shop and in the back of the store bikes are restored and repaired. They also have a great assortment of soda’s and cakes.

Mickey Brown’s is an concept coffee store with all kinds of delicious sandwiches, bakeries and of course excellent coffee. They serve, among many other delicious foods, the best pancakes we could find. Freshly made, fluffy and mouthwatering.


Wycker Cabinet is as you would imagine located in Wyck district. This hotspot for the locals is a fine French bistro bar and an excellent place for an extensive lunch. It certainly lives up to the Burgundian lifestyle of the people of Maastricht and all products are locally grown or produced. They only work with local and seasonal products and it is one of the places where you can taste a beer of Brewery Zuyd, which is made especially for this Bistro.

Brandweer Kantine (Fire brigade cantine) is an old refurbished fire station. The location is a little hard to find but definitely worth to search  for. The Vintage pieces of furniture and the art pieces made by local art students gives it an authentic look and feel. They use healthy, fresh ingredients and all biological products for there dishes. It is also a great place to go to with your kids as they have lots of space to run around and many toys to play with. As a vegetarian, you will definitely get your moneys worth.

Marres is located in the same street as the Brandweer Kantine and a new hotspot of Maastricht. This exposition gallery has a unique feeling. The Mediterranean dishes are meant to be shared together with your company. Choose a few of the many traditional dishes and enjoy yourself. They also have a wonderful garden where you can quietly sit back and enjoy your food and nature.

Zondag has more or less the same concept as the Brandweer Kantine, but is located in the Wyck district. It has its own funny interior created by a local artist. The dishes are completely different as they are specialized in sandwiches and Paninis. Here too, all the products are freshly made, healthy and biological produced. At night this places turns into a hip location to enjoy a drink and listen to one of the dj’s. Make sure you visit this place when you are looking for a tasty lunch at a unique location.


La Bodega is a traditional tapas restaurant in one of the narrow streets of Maastricht. Combined with excellent wines, they serve traditional, tasty Spanish tapas. As it should be in a Bodega the Serrano ham hangs on the ceiling waiting to be sliced. Good and honest food served with a smile.

Friet elite pays a tribute to one of the famous Belgium and Dutch snacks, Potato Fries. Don’t expect to find the standard snack bar items, but freshly cut and baked fries with a special topping. A chic snack bar as they call it themselves. All the snacks and sauces are freshly made and can be combined with one of the Beers they serve. We especially loved the truffle croquette; a small breaded food roll containing ground meat which has been fried. A unique place in Maastricht.

Cafe Forum is a perfect solution when you don’t want to leave the pub but do want to enjoy a good meal. Located in the Jeker district, they serve excellent bar food such as burgers or meatballs in beer sauce combined with lots of craft beers to choose from. The craft beers are hand selected and every month they present a new range of local beers. The menu is quite extensive so it was hard to choose only one of the dishes.

Visit one of the many breweries

Brouwerij Zuyd is located in the park near the Jeker district. It is an old military barrack which now has its own brewery in the basement. The refurbished interior is modern and redecorated with old military decor pieces. The craft beers can be found all over Maastricht as they sell their craft brews in a lot of establishments all over the city. A perfect spot to enjoy a glass of beer combined with a small bite.

Brouwerij Maltezer in the Wyck district you will find this microbrewery which crafts special beers in small batches. It has been reopened in 2018, but this brewery is intertwined with the city and the district Wyck as the recipe of the famous Wieckse Witte beer originated here. You can taste the beers for yourself in the Brasserie next to the Brewery where they serve all kinds of special beers and, if you like, combined with some food.

We hope we inspired you to visit one or more of these Hot Spots of Maastricht as they are definitely worth a try. Let us know if you already visited one of these places and let us know if you were as excited as we were.

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Until next time. Lots of love from Angelique and Carlo.

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