Middelburg Hotspots

This week we had some cold and windy weather, but it is almost summer and we hope the temperatures will rise soon. We are ready for some sunshine and good vibes. Sunny, twenty-five degrees and a crowded and buzzing city because of the Summer season. Middelburg at its best.

We love pretending to be a tourist in our own city from time to time. Just wandering around, not in a hurry like usual, go out for lunch or enjoy a cup of coffee together. It is perfect for a moment of quality time together. We always look for new spots because there are lots of options to choose from. Let us give you some of our hotspots in our city Middelburg.

Drink a cup of coffee at ‘Koffiepand’

The coffee bar ‘Koffiepand‘ is located at the Korte Geere, hidden from the main crowd and a perfect spot to start your day with some good coffee and breakfast. This place has a really good vibe to it and the somewhat vintage furniture gives it a homie look and feel. We always feel welcome here to relax a bit and watch the people go by. The eye-catchers of the bar are the seats made of old train parts decorated with lots of plants. Upstairs is another room with a big coffee table. Perfect spot to read or do some (home)work.

Middelburg - Koffiepand - Coffee (1 van 1)-2

The reason we like this place so much is, of course, the coffee, strong and well prepared. It is always a pleasure to taste one of the various kinds of cakes they serve. Not too sweet and made with love. The homemade lemonades are a welcome refreshment on a sunny day and mainly made with biological ingredients.

We loved the books that are all over the place with the funniest subjects. Our favourite is the coffee stain book, an art book full of drawings based on a coffee stain.

Middelburg - Koffiepand - Coffee (1 van 1)

Eat your lunch at Rost

Rost is rustic lunchroom at the middle of the Sint-Jan street. The interior is made out of wood and is designed with the minimal Scandinavian look. The menu is presented by a chalkboard and changes from week to week because they work with local and seasonal products only.

Middelburg - Rost - View
Middelburg – Rost – View of the Sint-Jan street

The sandwiches are simple, tasty and always with a twist. There are lots of options for vegetarians and we don’t mean just a cheese sandwich. The interior of Rost changes every three months as they host local and international artists and their artwork.

They also offer a ‘brooddoos’ (bread box); a perfect idea to take away and go out for a picnic in the park or at the beach. What’s better than enjoy the sun accompanied by all sorts of freshly made sandwiches.

Middelburg - Rost - Drinks
Middelburg – Rost – Drinks

Eat a Sandwich at the Cheeseshop Forianne

At the back of the store, full of Dutch and other European cheeses, is the lunchroom Fromagerie Forianne. This quiet place at ‘the Dam’ at the back of the store feels warm and cosy and gives a stunning view of the Long John. We can’t wait to sit and relax in the garden as soon as the sun comes out again. For now, we enjoy the warmth of the sheepskins.

The menu has all different kind of sandwiches to choose from, not only cheese sandwiches. Actually, not all Dutch people are cheese lovers, but we have to admit that at least one of us is. My, Angelique’s, personal highlight is the old Middelburgh Cheese. A hard, cured cheese that tastes a little salty and made especially for our town. If you are not that crazy about cheese, try one of the meat sandwiches for example with roast beef and truffle mayonnaise.

Don’t forget to take a piece of Dutch cheese to enjoy at home because nothing beats an original piece of delicious real Dutch cheese. You will regret it if you don’t.

Get an Ice-cream at Fresco

What is better than a scope of ice cream in the afternoon. Fresco is definitely our favourite ice-cream shop located in one of the main shopping streets the ‘Langeviele’. The homemade ice-cream has all kind of interesting and very tasty flavours. Just to name a few different ice-cream flavours: violets, pandan, basil and white chocolate, peper and koriander. They personally invent new flavours, so we come here quite often to taste a new flavour. Of course the traditional flavours are also available. It is also a perfect spot for lactose-free ice-cream.

As soon as the sun comes out we will treat ourselves with a new flavour and the best thing is we don’t have to feel guilty as the ice cream is made with less sugar and all natural ingredients. Our personal tip is to create your favourite tasting milkshake. Choose one or two flavours of ice creams and your own perfect milkshake is born.

We hope you enjoyed reading today’s blog about our hometown Middelburg. We will be giving you some more personal tips in the future. So stay tuned.

Lots of love, Angelique and Carlo

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