Middelburg Bad Weather top 6

Since its February and the winter has all kinds of weather for us (snow, rain, sun, wind you name it) we would like to do a special what to do in Middelburg in wintertime (or when it is raining at any other day). Here is our Bad Weather top 6:


Tip 1: Visit the Zeeuws Museum 

It is always a good suggestion to visit the Zeeuws Museum to see one of the many exhibitions, even if you live in The Netherland. The location of the Museum is already a treat of is own. Located in the medieval Abbey complex, the Zeeuws Museum presents the history of Zeeland in a unique and wilful way. The world-famous tapestries describing a 16th-century sea battle are impressive by itself, but the museum contains much more. Regional costumes, impressive art pieces and archaeological findings. Check out the website for a really good impression of the location and the museum uniqueness here.

Middelburg Abbey
Middelburg Abbey

Tip 2: See an arthouse movie

The Kloveniersdoelen is a beautiful building by its own and built in 1607 as a former practice place for shooters and the during the French occupation a used as a hospital. Now it is the home of a restaurant and a cinema. In summertime the garden’s restaurant is a perfect place to enjoy a lunch or a glass of wine but that a little bit cold for now. This time of the year it would be a good option to go for a movie in this small cinema which plays more arthouse movies and small productions. You can always combine it with dinner or a drink after in the restaurant. Would you like to know which movie is played? Check out their website here. Unfortunately, it is only in Dutch.

Tip 3: Walk the stairs of the “Long John”

Long John is a 90-meter tall tower which you can spot all over the island. It will be a hack of a climb of 207 steps but you will be rewarded with a spectacular view over the city. If the weather is good and the sky clear you can even see the rest of the island.  You can find more information about Long John in our previous post here.

Long John Lange Jan look up
Long John

Tip 4: Go for coffee and cake

Coffee and cold weather is always a good combination. Middelburg has a lot of coffee bars to offer so you have a lot of options to choose from. There are two charming locations to go for high tea or just for some coffee and a big piece of homemade cake.

  1. The first one if De Juf’ (the teacher), called after the owner started as a home cook teacher who decided to start her own cake store. They recently moved to a new bigger location at the Dam and we can not wait to sit outside for a piece of their amazing homemade cakes.  
  2. The second tip is Honey Pie. Located next to the Kloveniersdoelen at the other side of the town, Honey Pie is famous for its delicious luxurious pies. You will not be hungry after your piece of Unicorn cake or a Red Velvet Cupcake. 

Tip 5: Drink a local beer

Our favourite is to go for a beer in one of the many bars and breweries that Middelburg has. We even have our own city brewery where you can taste the fine Middelburgs beer next to the brewery tanks. Be sure to visit the Middelburg City Brewery when you are in the area. 

The Brewery has (too) many beers to choose from and all brewed right behind you in the kettles that are in the bar itself. It is actually more like a tasting room in a brewery than a bar, which gives it its own special charm. Most of the beers have typical names in local ‘zeeuws’ dialect. For example, the ‘Hosternokke’ which is a local swear word and means something like ‘damn it’. We, as locals, can confirm that this word is frequently used in our dictionary. 

Tip 6: Go for a pub tour in the ‘Vlasmarkt’

Alright, you have to go outside a few times but in general, a pub tour is a perfect way to spend your evening when it cold and rainy outside. In the Vlasmarkt you will find many interesting pubs and bars with all kinds of music and different vibes. We suggest not to miss your drink and dinner at cafe ‘Het Hof‘ which will give your ears some new music experience. Definitely, a hot spot for the locals to sit and relax. 

It will be rather easy to enjoy yourself on a cold and rainy day, so until the summer is back, enjoy yourself with friends and for us enjoy the peace in the city before the season starts. 

Hope to see you around some day. Do you have another great bad weather tips for us, let us know about it in the comments and we will be sure to check it out for ourselves. 

Lots of Love Angelique and Carlo

Would you like to read more about Middelburg? Check out our page here.


2 thoughts on “Middelburg Bad Weather top 6

  1. Oh wow Long John sounds like a fantastic thing to do!! It’s really weird in the UK now as our weather has rapidly changed and we are now getting like 15 degree sunny days and the whole country is shook!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We actually had the same crazy warm weather but it didn’t last for long unfortunately. The cold and rainy weather has returned to it’s normal form 😉.


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