Middelburg – Markt

The ‘Marktplein’ (market square) in Middelburg is the central square of the city and a perfect start for your journey in our city. It used to be a place where all kinds of markets where held and money was earned. Now the Gothic- style town hall is the major monument on the Market square surrounded by many restaurants, lunchrooms and cafes. In the evening the place comes to life when the bars become full and people are looking for a good time.

The town hall of Middelburg is a magnificent building and a landmark for the city. It was voted the second most beautiful monument of the Netherlands. The structure was built in the late Gothic period, started in 1452 and took over 80 years to finish. It took several generations of an architect family from Mechelen(Belgium) to finish the structure. In the facade of the building, the gothic windows and the red & white shutters catch the eye immediately even as the 25 statues that represent the counts and countesses who have ruled over the Southwest part of the Netherlands.

Town Hall Middelburg Facade
Town Hall Middelburg

The town hall includes a bell tower with a clock and authentic chimes. The nickname that we have for the tower is “Crazy Beth”, as the time on the clock tends to run a little late compared to the “Long John”, the other bell tower near the Abbey.

The interior of the Town Hall burned down completely in 1940 as a result of the Bombardment during the second world war. The building was completely restored in the years after and still holds some unique historical pieces.

The ‘Vleeshallen‘ is an exhibition space for visual art next to the official entree of the Townhall. It literally means ‘meat halls’ and it was named after the meat market that was located here in the early days. Now you can visit this museum for a small fee to see Contemporary Art exhibitions or performances.

This imposing medieval building has recently been provided with impressive external lighting so be sure to check it out in the sun is down because it will look even more astonishing. It served its official purpose as the town hall until 2014. The town hall is still in service as a wedding location and as a location for the Roosevelt University College.

If you like fresh local products check out the weekly market on Thursdays and a small version of it on Saturday. We love to go to the market for fresh veggies, fish and of course some Dutch cheese. The Dutch cheeses are famous so treat yourself on a variety of cheese, buy some wine (or beers) and enjoy it. Our personal favourite is the matured salt farmer cheese or a matured goat cheese. There are always plenty of cheese platters to sample from to help you with your decision.

In the summer months, there will be even more vintage markets, book markets and other events taking place at the Market square. So if you come to visit Middelburg check out local guides and event-calendars or send us a message, of course, to see what is going on.

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We would love to see you around in our town.

Lots of Love Angelique and Carlo.

Would you like to read more about Middelburg? Check out our page here.


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