Travel tips

We will try to give you, from time to time, some of our travel tips that we gathered through the years to make your travels easier, at least we hope so.

This time we will give you some specific tips for travelling in Europe.

  • In all over Europe, but especially the Southern parts of Europe, for example in Italy, the people talk with a lot of hand gestures. They like to give their words extra meaning by pointing it out. This can be overwhelming but meant in a friendly way. Unless they look really angry of course.
  • Most West European citizens, especially the younger generation, speak English. Especially in the Cities, in the rural areas it will be less, but even there you will come a long way with English. In some touristic places, you will even find menus written in over ten languages. When you travel to less touristic places you have to cope with yourself and a friendly reminder; Google translate is your friend.
  • Like everywhere in the world it helps you a long way to learn a few words in the local language. We use the Duolingo app to learn a few words before we travel to a new county.
  • Fun fact: In Europa, especially Belgium and the Netherlands people eat mayonnaise with their fries, not ketchup. You can order many things on your fries, but we will do a special about that later.
  • Travelling by public transport is very easy in most European countries. There is an extensive rail network throughout Europe and many cities have a bus, tram or subway network to transport you.
  • When you travel by public transport and you have a travel day on Sunday, make sure you check out the timetables. In most countries, the times are adjusted on Sunday and there are fewer buses/trains available.

We hope you liked our travel tips. Would you like to read more about our travel tips? Check out this page.

Do you have any request for tips for us, let us know in the comments?

Lots of love, Angelique and Carlo


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