Mallorca Wine and Dine

The city of Palma also has a gastronomic and culinary side to it. It is a combination of high-end restaurants next to many different tapas bars. Choose a tiny and cosy bar to sit down and relax, go for a vibrant evening in one of the crowded bars or make a reservation in one of the many high-quality restaurants. We decided to go for a combination of both.

Tapas bars

Spain is famous for its Tapas in all varieties and tastes. Be sure to enter a few bodegas (pubs) for a drink and some tapas when visiting Mallorca. The most tasteful and cheap tapas can be found in little and poor lighted bars with their typical brown interior. We tasted our favourite tapas in one of the many wine bars that Palma has. So be sure to visit more than one bar because they all serve there own house speciality.

At our first night, we entered one of the bars called Moltabarra bar de tapas around nine and it was already very crowded. We captured a spot at a table after a short wait. The look of the place was like a pub full of vintage and reused decorations. The customers were a mix of young, a bit older plus some lost tourists and it has a very relaxed vibe to it. Mallorca has a fine choice of craft beers, which we happen to like, so we ordered ourselves a beer and some tapas. A few chicken bites, fried potatoes and some pimientos padron with sea salt. In no time we came into a conversation with the table next to us and decided to go for another round.

food in mallorca (1 van 1)
Moltabarra bar de tapas

We found out that this particular night all tapas only cost 2 euro a piece, so all the locals came and enjoyed the evening with friends, food and some drinks. The vibe in these crowded bars is always pleasant even do some of the tapas were temporary sold out until the cook could prepare new ones. As soon as we saw the ham croquetas coming from the kitchen we ordered ourselves some more tapas and beers and after that we called it a night.

The second night was also tapas night for us. This time we choose a more relaxed wine bar Ca La Seu in the old town. The bar is clean but cosy and its all about the tapas and the wine. All the tapas are presented on the bar and many are made in front of you by the staff. It is difficult only to choose a few because they all look very delicious. We started off with some pintxos, which are thin slices of bread with a topping of your choice. In our case some fine manchego cheese for the lady and for him cured meat. After that, we went a little crazy because everything seemed so yummy. The filled mushrooms, tapenades, grilled vegetables, tortilla and even the olives, it all tastes amazing and freshly made. Together with the excellent Spanish wine and a small assortment of craft beers, this was one of our best night out for only a few euros. Be sure to visit Ca La Seu when visiting Palma.

blur close up cutlery dining
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But Mallorca also has a fine taste of cuisine so we made a reservation at Forn De Sant Joan. We actually made the reservation because we noticed some interesting items on the menu outside, but we did not expect this kind of luxury. We were pretty surprised that once we got there, the waiter let us through a maze of rooms of this former bakery to our own cosy room with a flawlessly covered table.

We got our own private waiter and there was only one other table present. We felt so excited and luxurious. We ordered a bottle of biological wine and some water. As a starter, we took a selection of tapas, which we spotted on the menu earlier; Iberian pork cheek croquettes, grilled lamb tenderloin, patatas bravas and some battered langoustines. The taste was like in a star restaurant and nothing like the other, also very tasty tapas, we tried so far. Fresh, full of flavour and beautifully presented. A treat for the eye and the belly.

For our main course, we ordered the Lamb cooked at low temperature, lamb jus and smoked mashed potatoes for him and for her the Suckling pig cooked at low temperature, sweet potato, orange sauce and sunflower seed emulsion. Both absolutely perfect cooked tender meat that melts in your mouth.


To top it off our waiter recommended us the lightly caramelised strawberries filled with crème brulée. A romantic dessert which we shared, of course, was the perfect end to the evening. The atmosphere of the place was informal but yet luxurious. We quickly felt at ease because the table next to us certainly did not speak quietly. This is kinda nice for us as we both love to talk and have a somewhat hard laugh. If you know us, you know what we are talking about. An unexpectedly perfect night out at Forn De Sant Joan.

Check out this video of ABCmallorca for a peek inside.

For our final night, after this amazing dinner, we craved something easy so we went to an alternative burger restaurant The Burger Lab. Tasty burgers and perfect fried fries in a beautiful restaurant. They have a great assortment of special craft beers which is a perfect marriage with a tasty burger. It is also a great place to eat your lunch as it is located in the middle of the shopping area.

We hope we have inspired you to visit one of these marvellous places. Let us know what you think of our blog in the comments.

Lots of love, Angelique and Carlo

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