Arab Baths

In the streets behind the Cathedral of Palma, wandering through the old narrow streets, you will find the old Arab Baths (Banys Arabs). This is one of the few reminders of the Moorish rulers that conquered the island from the Byzantine empire in 902 AC after which started a new period of prosperity for Mallorca. The island was ruled by serval Moorish leaders until King James I of Aragon claimed Mallorca in 1230.

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Arab Baths

The Arab bath that can be found in one of the picturesque streets of the Old city and is definitely worth a visit. For a small fee of only 2 Euros, you will have access to the ancient site and its lush garden. The baths date back to the 12th century and were built of recycled materials that probably came from old Roman buildings. The half shaped dome, which used to be the hot steam room, is supported by 12 columns that all look different. The holes in the roof would let the steam out and light inside. There also would have been a cold bathroom in the old days, but this does not exist anymore.

Alongside the baths, you will enter the dreamy and wonderful garden of the Banys which gives you a moment of shade, peace and relaxation in the bustling city of Palma. So find a spot to rest, sit back and enjoy it for a moment.

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Garden of the Arab Baths

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