The old city of Palma

After visiting the Cathedral, the Royal Palace and the beautiful city walls watching over the Mediterranean sea you are just a few steps away from the old historical city. Downtown Palma you will find many interesting buildings and sights to spot just by walking around. When you step behind the walls of the Palace you will find a maze of old narrow streets to wander around. Just let the streets guide you and take a left or right to see the pretty typical Spanish courtyards and a mix of Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic architecture.

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Palma de Mallorca – Walls of the Palace

The old centre is compact and you can tour all the sights on foot. In the small streets behind the Cathedral, you will find many small shops selling church trinkets. A few blocks away, in the middle of the city, you will see the Plaça de Cort.

Plaça de Cort
Plaça de Cort – 600 year old Olive tree

In the middle of this court stands an impressive 600-year-old olive tree. It is a lively square and a perfect spot to taste some of the amazing icecreams from one of the many ice cream shops. The ice cream of Giovanni L is a perfect combination of interesting flavour and creamy ice cream. The staff will definitely let you know that they are open and ready to take your order. You won’t be disappointed so if there is a line, just go for it.

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The Calle de Sant Miquel is one of the liveliest streets in Palma plus; it’s full of shops! It is named after the Sant Miquel church that is located here. This Baroque church is free to enter and so you can admire the beautiful altarpiece. The central square, Plaça Major, is the connecting square between all the pleasant shopping streets. There are local markets on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays to score some fresh olives, cured meat or spices.

If you like shopping, you can go completely nuts in Palma. You will find the most expensive designer brands, Luxury stores, art boutiques and small independent labels all in a few blocks. There are also a number of affordable, but beautiful decorated home design stores and all the clothes stores you can think of. Palma is a Walhalla for the shopaholic, so be sure to bring enough euro’s with you (or just don’t go inside to many stores like we did).

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We love murals, graffiti and streets art and in Palma, there are many hidden and not so hidden places in Palma to check them out. We found complete streets with walls full of beautiful artwork and drawings at the Sa Gerreria quarter. This old gipsy neighbourhood does not have a great reputation as many of the buildings are in desperate need of a renovation. recent investment in this area has brought it back to life. All kinds of interesting and hip establishments are opening and trendy bars of all sorts. Definitely, a place to check out if you are looking for a more local vibe.


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One last tip for the Old city of Palma, do not forget to look up. You will see some amazing old street signs and beautiful architecture and let’s face it the sun will be shining down pretty much all year round.

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Next blog, online next Wednesday, will be about the Arab Baths which is also one of the sights in the old city.

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3 thoughts on “The old city of Palma

  1. Your pictures looked absolutely gorgeous! I love it. It seems like you had a great time. I hope to be able to visit one day.


    1. We had an awsome time. You definitely should visit Palma if you have the chance. You will not be disappointed by its beauty.


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