The Cathedral of Palma

This impressive 800 years old Gothic cathedral ‘La Seu’ is the landmark of the city, watching over the bay of Palma. It is also referred to as the Cathedral of Santa Maria and built in the 13th century. It was built by the ‘Crown of Aragon’ (Confederation of individual Kingdoms in Europe) on top of the structure of a Mosque, built by the Moors. It took over 300 years to finish this enormous structure. It is an astonishing 121-meters long and 55-meter width. The Nave is 44 meters in height and therefore in the top 10 of the tallest Cathedrals of Europe.

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Throughout the years, various adjustments have been made or parts have been added. In the 20th century, Antoni Guidi briefly has worked on the restoration of the Cathedral but stopped the project after an argument with the contractor. Unfortunately, only minor changes have been made by his hand, but still.

We have seen a lot of Churches and Cathedrals, but the inside of ‘Le Sue’ is the most impressive Cathedral that we have seen so far. The beautiful stained glass which is called the gothic eye is one of the largest rose windows in the world and shines a beautiful coloured light inside the ship of the Cathedral. The many relics of the church are also a remarkable sight and there are plenty of it.

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For more information about opening hours and entrance fees click here.

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