Palma de Mallorca

A new start of the year with a new blog about one of our previous travels: Mallorca (Majorca).

A city trip to the capital of Mallorca is not the most common trip to think about. Nevertheless, we took a five-day city trip in April and in our experience, it is definitely worth visiting the city Palma de Mallorca (Palma). It is a perfect combination of historical sites, food and drinks plus the benefits from the sun, beaches and the island life of Mallorca. Playa de Mallorca is the city beach of Palma and is a pleasant location for a day by the sea. You will also find several beach bars to sit back and enjoy the sunset. 

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Famous for the sun, beaches and blue sea water, the island Mallorca is located in the Mediterranean sea and an autonomic part of Spain. The island belongs to the Balearic Islands group together with its little sister Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Mallorca is the largest island of the four.

The capital of Mallorca, Palma and was founded as a Roman camp in 120 BC. After the fall of the Roman empire, the island was conquered by the Byzantine Empire and later by the Moors. Eventually, the Christians took over the island and this is still the main religion on Mallorca. All these rulers have left their traces in historical sights and buildings.

Mallorca is a popular holiday destination for many Europeans throughout the year. In the summer the island can be very crowded, but it is also a great island to spend the winter months because of the mild climate. The winters are relatively warm, around 15C° (Celsius) and in the summer the temperature will rise to a pleasant 25-35C°. We had five days of sunny weather with temperatures around 25C°, which is pretty good for April. Unfortunately, the sea temperature was still a bit low in April to our preference, so we did not have a swim. 

One of the (many) famous party destinations of the Mediterranean is also located here, El Arenal. You will find enormous clubs, lots of bars and cheap drinks which especially young kids will enjoy during their holiday to go nuts. We are not very crazy about of these kinda commercial party places, but luckily there are lots of other options to spend your holiday on Mallorca. All over the island, you will find pretty bays and especially in the North of Mallorca, you will find the most beautiful beaches. Playa de Formentor is one of those beaches, surrounded by nature, you will find the perfect spot for a day on the beach far from the big crowd.

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Palma has many historical buildings and sites to visit and therefore a perfect location for a city trip. The city of Palma also has a gastronomic and culinary side to it. It is a combination of high-end restaurants next to many different tapas bars. Choose a small and cosy bar to sit down and relax or go for a vibrant evening in one of the crowded bars.  It is also an excellent place to do some shopping or to check out one of the many art galleries.

In the coming blogs, we will show you our suggestions when visiting Palma.  

2 thoughts on “Palma de Mallorca

  1. I was in Palma in the summer for my birthday trip and had a chilled time. Went down to El Arenal for one night and it was buzzing. Met some cool people over there and felt really at ease around them. Also, I had no idea that Mallorca is one of a group of four islands though. I’m looking forward to learning more about Palma in your future blogs on it

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

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    1. Palma is an amazing city and for a buzzing night out El Arenal is a perfect place 😀. We were looking for the more authentic Mallorca. Ibiza would also a great island. Lots of small beaches and bars and the best ( and most famous) party destination of Europe. If you like dance music 😊.


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