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We will try to give you, from time to time, some of our travel tips that we gathered through the years to make your life easier, we hope. Our tips for this time concern how to find the perfect restaurant when travelling.

We love food and insist on having a good meal after a day of travelling. A local restaurant or just a simple burger or a pizza, but it has to be of good/perfect quality. We really do not like it when we have to pay for food that we did not enjoy. So we will do my absolute best to avoid this.

We are the Sincere Travelers (1 van 1)-13

How to find the perfect restaurant when arriving at a new destination? It can be frustrating not to know where to go to, especially when you are hungry. Normally we do a little bit of research online beforehand to check out a blog or review site to see which restaurants are recommended. A local blog is always the best but Tripadvisor, for example, is also a good source. As soon as we arrive at our destination, we will immediately do a little tour around the area to see what kind of restaurants are available and would be an interesting option. Now you only have to do the hard part and that is to choose one of them.

Sometimes it is all about your gut feeling. Does the place looks clean and does the restaurant has an open kitchen (a huge advantaged for us). How is your first impression when you walked in? Does the vibe of the place feel right? Do you see something on the menu that you would like to eat (very important)? Would you like a fancy restaurant or a healthy food restaurant. It is all up to you.

Unfortunately, your gut feeling is not always 100% at best. It happens that we have chosen a place that we are not happy with. Our honest advice would be, you can still walk away. You do not have to stay only because the waiter is nice, but there is nothing on the menu that you would like to eat. This happens to us sometimes. At first, it felt so awkward to pay for the drinks and leave, because in a way you are saying that you do not like the restaurant. It is our money and experience, so it should be something that we are happy with. Over the years, we are getting better in choosing the perfect restaurant, but still every now and than we have a miss and simply go on a hunt for a better restaurant.


Some of our best restaurants experiences have emerged after we left another restaurant, just because it did not felt good. This pizza restaurant for example, that we found in Italy, where we finally set down (at 22:00 hour) after leaving another restaurant is still the best pizza restaurant we have ever been to. Look at how happy I am with a simple but delicious pizza.

Do not let yourself down and make your eating experience one of your best experiences every time you go out. You deserve it!!

Lots of love from Angelique and Carlo

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