Middelburg Winterfestival

Since we are discussing Winter fairs, in December our hometown Middelburg turns into Middelburg Wintercity. The city will be transformed by decorating the shopping streets and the market square with lights, Christmas trees and all kinds of activities.

Town Hall
Town Hall

There will be an Ice skating arena at the Market square: Are you familiar with ice-skating or is it your first time? This small ice rink is perfect to try it out for anybody. You can rent skates and if you need it a skate aid. The scenery is a perfect decor for some winter pictures as the monumental city hall in the back is beautifully lighted. (28 November – 13 January)

Lots of Winter cabins throughout the city and you will find a warm and cosy winter terrace in cabin style to enjoy a beer or a hot chocolate with some food. Maybe you will be surprised by a local DJ or music performance. Our favourite is the winter cabin at the ‘Markt’ who combines cosy cushions with furniture of reusable materials. (28 November until 14 January)


Winterbeer festival: For the third time now, you can enjoy over 100 special craft beers at the Winterbeer festival at the Dam square. Grab your glass and make the hard decision which craft beer to try first. You can also combine it with a special small bite to accompany your drink. (14 +15 December from 15:00 until 23:00)

Ferris Wheel: This year, for the first time, Middelburg has its own Ferris Wheel. Perfect for a ride in the evening to enjoy the city lights from up top and watch over the city. (21 December until 30 December)

there will be lots of other activities and in many of the bars, there will be live entertainment and music on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. We invite you to check it out for yourself.

One of the things you must do is go for a drink on Christmas Eve, it is one of those special nights in Middelburg and a perfect chance to get in touch with the local crowd. It’s actually one of the most crowded nights of the year. Make sure you come early and eat something to before you start your Christmas Eve because it will be a long night.

We will blog much more about Middelburg since we live here and we love our gorgeous city. So check out our page here and keep following our blog. See you around!

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