Travel tips

We will try to give you, from time to time, some of our travel tips that we gathered through the years to make your life easier, we hope. Our tips for this time concern the booking of your trip.

So, you have a particular place in mind that you really would like to travel to. Keep in mind the following tips:

  • Start planning your trip at least 9-12 months before you want to go. The best prices for a flight ticket are around 6-9 months before the date, so if you want that deal. Plan ahead.
  • Schedule a price checker. We use sites such as Skyscanner or freecompare. Check the ticket prices of the most common flights on regular basis. The best days to book are normally Tuesdays or Wednesday.
  • Check if there are special deals by email subscription on a few websites of your choice. Major airlines normally have a deal at the opening of the holiday season (at the end of the winter) and on dates were you and many others will get their holiday pay.
  • Don’t wait too long or the prices will go up. Prices intent to rise 3 months before the departure date or you really have to be lucky to get a special deal in the last month before your trip. If you have compared the prices for a while and you see a deal that fits your wallet, go for it. Last minute deals are a rare thing these days, especially if you have a particular destination in mind for your next journey.

If you have a few places in mind that would be an option for your next trip, you can look for special deals. The easiest way is to check the sites of low budget airline companies for cheap tickets. Ryanair, for example, has an option to look for the lowest ticket price in a particular month. A perfect way to book your cheap city trip to a destination you would never have on your list before. Just check the internet if the city meets your demands and go for it. You will have a great time exploring the unknown.

Good luck with the planning of your next adventure, because it’s half the fun, don’t you think?

Lots of love from Angelique and Carlo

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