Lindos, the white village of Rhodes, is located 55 km south of Rhodes city. It is built alongside a hill with at the top the Acropolis of Lindos. The streets of Lindos are very narrow and the picturesque white houses are now full of small shops, bars or restaurants. The streets are paved with pebbles in all sort of pictures and decorated with the beautiful pink flowers of the bougainvillea.

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To reach Lindos you have to park your car at the main square of the village and walk down to enter the village. The streets are so narrow that a car cannot move through these streets, so you have to go on foot. The beach can be accessed by the same route. You will start your journey at the bottom of the hill. To go the Acropolis, you have to hike your way up the hill. Because the path to the Acropolis is paved with marble and pebbles it is very slippery and there is no fence for supporting. It was quite a walk on our slippery old sneakers without any profile left on the soles, but if you walk slowly it’s doable. You can also take a donkey ride to go up the hill, but that is something we would never do. We love animals too much.

A must do in Lindos is to eat or drink in one of the rooftop restaurant/bars which can be spotted all over the town. It is a very crowded village to visit, so if possible visit Lindos in the late afternoon to check the sunset and enjoy a meal and some drinks.

There are two beaches that you can go to in Lindos. We stopped for a swim at the main beach, which is a beautiful sandy beach. The natural bay is perfect for a swim because the water is calm. At the end of the day, much small pleasure craft will drop the anchor here to stay the night. You have the choice to hire a beach bed for a day or take your towel and put it down on the beach for free.

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