Food and drinks

Food and drinks in the old town of Rhodes

The Greek are late diners. Dinner starts at eight ‘O clock in the evening and the restaurants will stay open until late in the evening. You can sit down at a table for dinner at 11 ‘O clock in the evening and still be in a full restaurant. We love our Greek food and there are our tips for Rhodes city:

As mentioned before; The main square in the old city of Rhodes is the most crowded place, and we would not advise eating at one of these restaurants. Sure they are cheap, but you will not taste the good Greek food as you should. Go and walk a few blocks around the square and there will be lots of great restaurants.

You should definitely check out ‘ERGON‘. Located under a big three right in the middle of the old center, but not in the crowed part, you will find the restaurant ERGON. The food is excellent and so are the wines and beers they serve. The concept of ERGON is to use the best ingredients that Greece has to offer and serve it in a new way. We normally order some spreads and smWe are the Sincere Travelers (1 van 1)-72all bites for the both of us as a starter and as a main course again we order three or four small dishes that we shared. That’s really one of the things we appreciate about Greece, the shared dining. They have been doing this long time before it was a trend. The ERGON concept is our all-time favorite, and we will visit ERGON everywhere we can. You will be reading about ERGON much more in the future.

Our other favorite restaurant in Rhodes is a little outside the old city center and closer to the beach. Koukos’ is a traditional Greek restaurant where they serve excellent food. They even have a takeaway corner to grab a sandwich or salad to go. Lots of Greek will eat here, so it’s not your typical tourist restaurant. Therefore, it’s wise to make a reservation in advance, because there will be a line in front of the restaurant. The ambiance is slightly formal, but very homey due to the restaurant interior. The dishes are traditional Greek and very tasteful and well-prepared. Order a few dishes and share it to taste as much as possible.

We are the Sincere Travelers (1 van 1)-73

Only a few blocks away from Koukos you can find the ‘I love Salad bar’ and our favorite place for a midnight snack: loukoumades by ‘Lukumamma‘. The ‘I love salad bar’ has fresh (take away) salads and juices which you can create yourself. Fresh ingredients and tasty toppings will make you come back for more. Loukoumades are a kind of small donuts that are served with drizzled with honey and walnuts (or chocolate if you like it).

In Greece the most popular snack is Gyros. Gyros is a grilled meat (pig or chicken) that will be served in a pita with garlic sauce, fries, and some greens. We found that the best Gyros can be found at the Pitafan. The meat is crispy and not too fat and the garlic sauce so tasteful. We love a Pita Gyros at the end of the day and you find lots of Gyros shops in the city. So try a few and pick your favorite.

For a cocktail or drink you can go to the old center and relax on one of the rooftop terraces, but you can also go to the modern center, to the Theodoraki street. It has more modern bars were the locals will go for a drink in the evening. We love the ‘La Boheme’ bar, which serves delicious cocktails. Our favorite is the Hulk; a cocktail based on gin, apple, and other tasty stuff.

We are the Sincere Travelers (1 van 1)-74

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