Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes is located in the buildings of the knights, next to the street of the Knights in Rhodes city. The entrance to the museum is at the bottom of this street. The building was constructed by Grand Master Jean in 1440 and used as a hospital for the Knights of St John.

The museum has two floors, a courtyard, and a garden. We especially liked the garden, because it gives you a moment to wander around the gravestones, marble floors and statues all surrounded by the green of the plants.

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It will not only give you an overview in the Period of the Knights but also about the archaeological finds all over the island. One of the first civilizations were the Minoan people and thereafter that the Achaean people. They both left a lot of archaeological remains. After that, the Arabs, the Persians, and the Crusaders have attacked the island over the centuries. The museum, therefore, has an interesting collection to present.

At the time we visited the Museum there was a special exhibition about pottery in the old days, but these exhibitions will change from time to time. Make sure you will buy your (combination) ticket at the Grand Masters Palace as it is cheaper.

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