Grand Master Palace

Grand Master Palace

At the top of the Street of the knight lies the Grand Master’s Palace of the Knights of St John. These knights were, together with the Knights of Cyprus, a Military Catholic order that protected the island from other religions. The castle of the knights, that was built in the 7th AD, was taken over as an administrative office of the Knights of St John in the 12th AD. The Ottoman rulers took over the building in 1522 and for a short period, it even was a holiday residence for the Italian Dictator Mussolini. Most of the former residents in were French and therefore the Palace is built in Gothic architecture, which is a rare thing in Greece. A lot of history in one place.

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Inside the Palace Museum, you will find beautiful mosaics floors and the rooms are decorated with old furniture and art. From the windows in the Palace, you can see the mosque with the elegant minaret that was built by the Ottoman rulers.

The Palace Museum is worth visiting if you are on the island. It will give you some insights on how the knights and master should have lived in these days. The museum also has temporally exhibitions. In our case, it was about Greek (Italian) pottery of which the island is famous for. We bought our ticket at the Grand Master palace entrance. It gave access to three museums in the old town of Rhodes for only 10 EUR (price for the Grand Master Palace is 6 EUR). Much cheaper than buying single tickets.

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