Rhodes city

Rhodes city

Rhodes city is the largest city on the island and has an Old city and there is the new part of Rhodes city. It’s the perfect place to stay during your holiday. The beach is only a ten-minute walk from the city center and there are lots of restaurants and bars to have a drink. There is even a bar street, but that’s not for us. In the old part of the city, you will find the Great Palace of the grand master and the medieval castle, which are the main attractions of Rhodes city (part of world heritage), but these will be discussed later.

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The old city of Rhodes is the main attraction on the island and has a place on the World Heritage (UNESCO) list. If you enter the fortress trough one of the eleven entrance gates, you will know immediately why. It feels like walking into a film set of a medieval movie. The old buildings, the massive outer walls and the narrow streets with little shops inside. When wandering around you will find lots of small bakeries, ice cream/ yogurt stores and places to sit down for some refreshments and/or something to eat. Make sure you check the side streets and alleyways behind the most crowded streets because there you will find the best local shops and taverns. Or a perfect shot for a photo.

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The main square, Platia Ippokratous, is the most crowded place were all the guided tours will gather. Hosts will be shouting and will try to get you inside one of the restaurants. We advise you not to eat at one of these restaurants. Sure they are cheap, but you will not taste the good Greek food as you should. Go and walk a few blocks around the square and there will be lots of great restaurants to choose from.

There is a big outer defense wall around the Old City and the Palace that were used as city protection. You can walk between the city walls, but this is quite the walk, so make sure you bring enough water on your hike. It will give you a good impression of the size of the fortress. Luckily there are eleven entrance points, to head back to the city when needed, but be sure to spot them on time. We took our bikes and made a ride around the fortress in 2 hours.

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We also took a walk on the city walls, which is only 2 EUR p.p. to enter. The view is impressive and perfect for some photography. You can enter the walls at the Grand Master Palace. Be sure to take some water, because there is no shade and it’s hot in the summer months (June – September).

The Mandraki port of Rhodes is the place where the Colossus of Rhodes would have been standing. You will also find the three windmills, the fort of Saint Nicolas and all kinds of commercial boat trips. If you walk around the port in the evening all the boat owners will offer you a special price for a boat trip, so check them out and choose your perfect boat trip. We ourselves have made a boat trip to the island of Symi.

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