Syntagma square

Syntagma square

The Syntagma square will be your central point in Athens and is very crowded. The main metro station is located here and the bus connection to the airport (A95).

In the evening there will be lots of people chilling out, so it’s a good place to have a seat and look at the local people doing their business. For us, that is something we always do. We try to have a little insight into how the locals live. In our experience, the best way to do it is to observe and mingle. Take something to drink and/or to eat with you and just relax for an hour.

In the streets behind the Syntagma square, you can find lots of stores, boutiques, and restaurants to do some shopping and have lunch or a coffee.

At the top of the Syntagma square, you will find the Parliament Building of Athens. In front of the building lies the tomb of the unknown soldier. It’s guarded by Evzones, the ceremonial soldiers who also guard the Palace. Every hour of the day, seven days a week they will do a special guard ceremony to change to the new guards. On Sunday they even are dressed in a special ceremonial outfit. In our video, they have their regular uniform on.

You can take pictures with the guards, but don’t touch or provoke them. We were lucky that it was not too crowded so we stayed to see the complete ceremony. And when you see this picture and think, not so crowded, you should see it on a Sunday.

We are the Sincere Travelers (1 van 1)-45

Lots of love from Angelique and Carlo

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