Travel tips

We will try to give you, from time to time, some of our travel tips that we gathered through the years to make your life easier, we hope.

This time it’s all about the start of your holiday.

  1. As soon as you choose your destination you can start planning. We always check online for travelling tips of our destination and make a small list of things that we really would like to see and a list of special places to check out. As soon as we start our journey, we let go of this list and go with the flow. Why you ask? This way we see much more, and we always discover something we never could plan ahead. The list will be anyway in our head as a guideline. This means that sometimes we will not visit all the highlight, but it’s a good thing to have a reason to come back.

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  2. Take some drinks in your checked luggage (of course not in your carry on luggage). It’s the best thing to open a bottle of wine or bubbles (or glass of juice) at your destination as soon as you arrived at your hotel, B&B or wherever you will be staying. The holiday starts instantly.

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  3. It’s not allowed to take drinks with you in your hand luggage, but the food is not a problem. We often travel through Europe, so not more than 5 hours on a plane. The food that you can buy on a plane is not fantastic (read horrible), so we like to take our own food. A Sandwich or Salad will be perfect for the trip. I’m not sure how it is on other Airlines, but on Dutch Airlines they will serve a meat roll a or if you get lucky dutch cheese rolls out of the microwave (which smell pretty bad). So as soon as they start serving these, nobody will hate you for your delicious salami sandwich.
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    Lots of love from Angelique and Carlo

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4 thoughts on “Travel tips

  1. I always get self conscious with the smell of foods I’m carrying… though nothing extreme, usually a slice of margherita pizza or a prosciutto sandwich, I cannot shake off the feeling I’m being judged hahahah

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