Olympic stadium

Olympic stadium

Back home we always watch the Olympic games on tv, so now that we are in Athens we must see the old Olympic stadium. The stadium is located at a ten-minute walk from Plaka, near one of the parks of Athens. The entrance is not included in your combination ticket for the ancient sides and costs 5 EUR pp (incl free audio tour).

The old Olympic stadium of Athens, or Panathenaic stadium,  is the only stadium in the world that is built entirely with marble stones. The old Panathenaic games, in the honor of goddess Athena, were held here which includes athletic competitions which are the birth of the Olympic games as we know it today.

It is very funny to see everybody do some sort of (fake) exercise on the track or run a lap just for fun. We also couldn’t resist taking a picture on the podium. You can climb all the way up the stadium steps to see it’s impressive size. Inside there is a small museum including many of the poster from previous Olympic games. Even if the museum doesn’t interest you it’s impressive to walk through the underground tunnel and the gate to enter the stadium again. If you are a sports fan then this is sacred ground.

We are the Sincere Travelers (1 van 1)-28

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