Greek food experiences

Greek food means sharing and not so much a big pile of meat. They do like a good steak or a Pita giros, but the food has envolved trough out the years into a new version of the traditional kitchen. Of course when in Greece you can not skip the traditional greek yoghurt with walnuts and honey. We will show you the new restaurants which try in reinvent the greek kitchen to a refind kitchen.


One of our favourite restaurants throughout Greece is definitely Ergon. At Ergon, you will eat all local or Greek products, but prepared in a new way. The restaurant is always combined with a market or a store to buy all used ingredients for yourself. The best cheeses, meats and dips are waiting for you to try out. Always a good place to check out if you visit Greece or elsewhere because they have lots of restaurants outside of Greece.

The Greco Project

We always look for new food concepts and this time we stumbled upon The Greco project. We ate at the Syntagma location which is ideal when you are visiting the city centre. The idea of The Greco Project is Mediterranean quality food. We were quite hungry, so we ordered several plates that we shared. The souvlaki was very tender, good and tasteful salads, but the topper of the evening had to be the fried zucchini. A great new way to serve traditional dishes. 

Food in Athens


Another good option is to eat at Meatropolis at the Syntagma square. A classic grill restaurant, so we ordered the classic grill burger and the Chopped fried potatoes with homemade minced meat and eggs. This last dish was actually really thinly chopped potatoes, fried like a short of ‘birds nest’ and topped with the minced meat (which tasted like moussaka meat) and an egg. Comfort food in a new way, we loved it.

Lots of love from Angelique and Carlo

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