Hello Frappe

Move over Frappe, Hello Cappuccino Freddo

Nothing tastes better than a cold Frappe in a hot city, but this year we have a new craving. The Cappuccino Freddo or Espresso Freddo. The espresso Freddo is pretty regular; A fresh espresso will be shaken with some ice and sugar and milk to your own preference (I always order little sugar and milk). The Cappuccino Freddo is something else, there are two versions, with milk or with cream. I dare you to take the Cappuccino with cream which is a sort of marshmallow. Perfect to start the day and give yourself a treat!

Athens has lots of coffee bars, with quality coffee. You also have to try a Greek coffee, which is strong and tasteful. The best way to do so is in a small coffee bar that still serves coffee in small copper cans, the original Greek way. Watch out for the coffee residue at the bottom of your cup. You don’t want to drink this!!

We started our day at the Island coffee bar With a Cappuccino Freddo and a granola bar (actually two so we had some extra fuel for the day). Check out their website www.coffeeisland.gr

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