Have a drink in a local bar

After a day of wandering in a museum, we needed a drink. Not too far from the National Archaeological Museum is a local bar street with lots of small pubs. The locals are mainly students from the surrounding universities. This particular bar street was full of murals and lights hanging in the trees. There was a pleasant vibe and we were lucky to get a table as it was crowded all night long.

We sat down at the Revolt street bar. In these streets, you will find lots of bars, small restaurants, and street food bars. There are also small art projects going one which makes it a very interesting area to discover.

We have to admit that the walk to the bars was not so vibrant. The old university buildings are empty and on the street, you will see mainly illegal street vendors with all kinds of goods, from cigarettes to tissues. It’s the same as in every big city but make sure that pickpockets have no options.

A better option would be to go with public transport, which is a perfect and safe way to move around in Athens. And quite cheap as well. We bought a 5-day pass for only 9 EUR which gives you access to all public transport in the city. Google maps is perfect to check the best possible options and make your life pretty easy to move around. Make sure that you have enough battery because we sure did!

We are the Sincere Travelers (1 van 1)-14

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