Athens – Plaka

A must do in Athens is walk around Plaka, a neighbourhood right under the Acropolis. The neighbourhood Plaka reaches from the Northside to the west side of the Acropolis, so make sure you have your walking shoes with you. The main part of Plaka is a little bit touristic, but if we dive into the street and go up the hill you will find lots of small restaurants and bars. The walls are full of nice murals and around every corner, there is a new view over the city of Athens. At night the view of the lighted Acropolis is perfect to relax with some Mezze and a glass of wine or a cocktail. Take a moment to visit one of the rooftop bars to unwind and relax.

We set down at the Klepsydra restaurant after an intense walk on the Acropolis site for a sangria and a beer with some local snacks;  Some local snacks, I mean a plate full of cheese and cold cuts. We set down at the tables on the colourful stairs right underneath the lighted Acropolis. When the night falls, the cats will come from their roofs and hiding places to have a bite to eat that the locals provide them.

In the evening the rooftop bars will become visible and will give you an amazing view over the city. Just give yourself a minute to take it all in and relax.

The streets around the Monastiráki square we found a little too touristic. If you are looking to do some touristic shopping, you are in the right place. We scored some ceramic plates and a new magnet of the ‘Parthenon’ for our collection. We started this magnet collection a few years ago so maybe you can imagine how our refrigerator looks like.


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