Athens – Anafiotika

At the foot of the Acropolis lies a secret hideaway. A labyrinth of small white streets, colourful blue doors, painted roofs, and amazing street art. The little houses are cubical shaped and hidden under the colourful pink Bougainvillea flowers. It almost feels like a Greek island in the middle of Athens. So peaceful and quiet. And a moment of peace is what we kind of needed in the crowded city of Athens.

Athens – the streets of Anafiotika

You will pass by these streets when visiting the slopes of the Acropolis. The neighboorhood looks picturesque and is a pleasure to wander around. To enter Anafiotika you need to go to the Northside of the Acropolis hill via Plaka.

Anafiotika is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Plaka and built in the 19th century when King Otto needed workers to build his Palace. The name originated from a Cycladic island Anafi, where the workers came from.

It is a perfect place to wind down and take in the view of Athens. Don’t worry that you will be lost, so go and be a little adventurous and take the next corner to see it for yourself. Maybe you will get some love from one the local habitats, the cats of Anafiotika.

It’s really a small treasure in a big city.

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